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Styles varies from pop, metal, classical, blues, punk, black metal, shred and many other. I give lessons for acoustic and electric guitar.

Learn yourself special techniques as: alternative, string, tremolo and sweep picking, slide, muting, hammer on , pull off, scales, use and abuse of the whammy bar, tapping with 4 and 8 fingers and with a plectrum, arpeggio, how to sound different from other players, wah wah, speed, agility, accuracy, improvising, tying your shoelaces etc etc. If you are uncertain about any of the techniques and how they work then check out the video clips where they are demostrated.

Knowledge of notes / tablature is NOT mandatory. Lessons ranges from beginner to advance levels. All ages and sexes are welcome.

The tutition takes place at Nesttun approx. 10 min from Bergen town centre. Price NRK -300,- for a whole hour.


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